Colored Contact lenses Guide

Trying colored contact lenses is like changing your hairstyle. You can enhance your eye color or you can totally change your style. The great thing about these accessories is that you can remove them whenever you want. You could have violet eyes one day and green eyes the next. The following is everything you need to know about adding contacts to your life.

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Contacts for Everyone

You can still find colored eye contacts even if you are nearsighted or have irregular corneas. Consult with your eye doctor to find the right prescription and brands for you. Color contacts are a great alternative to glasses and will not affect your sight. Colored contacts are not just for cosmetic reasons. Some people want colored lenses to mask a defect or because they have been injured. Athletes sometimes invest in contacts with tints that lessen the sun’s glare and increase depth perception.

Get a Prescription

Colored contacts are classified as a medical device by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Consult with an eye doctor so that you can get a prescription for a pair that is right for you. Contacts come in all shapes and sizes. A professional will inspect your eyes and explain any of the possible side effects. They will also help you learn how to use and care for the lenses.

Buy Online

Once you have a prescription, you can buy your colored contacts order online. Make sure you are only investing in FDA-approved products. Some novelty shops and websites may sell lenses, but they have not been inspected and could prove unsafe for your eyes. Colored options may be more traditional than traditional contacts, especially if they offer special effects. Insurance does not usually cover them since they are for cosmetic reasons. Take the time to shop around and compare the different types, brands, and prices when you order colored contacts.

Different Effects

Some contacts will completely change your eye color whereas others will enhance the color. Think about the overall look you are going for when you shop for lenses. There are even products that give you special effects like looking like a feline, alien, or vampire. The lenses go over the pupil but the center is clear, so you never have to worry about visibility.

Types of Contacts

There are two main categories of contact lenses. Plano color contacts are for aesthetic reasons only and do not correct poor vision. Vision-correcting lenses are for folks who have myopia or sight issues. Your eye doctor will do an eye exam before writing a prescription. Some people may not even know they are nearsighted until this exam.

Enhancement Contacts

Enhancement contacts make your natural eye color more vibrant. This is a subtle change. Enhancement lenses are translucent and best suited for light colored eyes. Some people may not even know you’re wearing contacts!

Opaque Lenses

Opaque contacts completely change the color of your eye. They are the complete opposite of translucent. Opaque lenses are best for folks with dark eyes who want to change them or folks who want a more dramatic look.

Special Effects Contacts

Special effect lenses transform your look for a cosplay outfit or Halloween costume. You could completely black out your eyes, look like a vampire, or even make it so your eyes look like fire. Make sure you are still securing a prescription for these contacts. Some stores offer novelty lenses that have not been approved.

Take Time to Transition to Contacts

If you have never worn eye contacts before, it may take some time to get used to them. Start slow and wear them for a few hours at first. As your eyes get used to it, you can wear them for longer and longer. Just make sure that you take them out before you sleep. Pay attention to side effects. If you experience redness or pain, make sure to consult an eye doctor.

Proper Care Is Important

Your eyes are a delicate part of your body. Proper care means that you can avoid eye infection and keep your colored contacts safe. You should wash your hands before taking lenses in or out. Invest in eye contact solution and make sure you have a case or container that is clean. If you have questions, consult a professional.

contact lenses - eye infection trends
Searches about eye infections from contact lenses, according to Google, are trending down for the last 5 years.

Periodically Change Contacts

Contacts have to be replaced from time to time. There are disposable contacts that are for a single use and there are contacts that can be worn for 30 days. Make sure to replace your contacts when it is time. You minimize risks when you follow all wear and storage instructions. If you wear the lenses for too long, you could cause yourself a lot of pain and vision issues.

Don’t Share Contacts

Never share your contacts, even with close friends and family. These lenses have been fit especially for your eyes. Wearing someone else’s contacts could hurt your eyes. You could also end up spreading bacteria, which can cause infection.

Know the Potential Risks

Common side effects of contacts include redness, tearing, decreased vision, and infection. Proper care can help you avoid these issues. However, if your contacts don’t fit or have not been properly cared for, you could have some serious issues like a scratched cornea, reduced vision, infection, and pain and redness. Lens safety is essential so that you do not harm your vision.

Colored lenses are incredibly popular. Securing a contacts prescription is easy. From here, you can update your look. Contacts are an easy way to change your look. By taking proper care of your lenses, knowing the risks, and consulting with an eye doctor, you can safely transition to contacts. Experiment with your look and have fun.