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PHPConf Taiwan 2012Thank you to all who attended my presentation this morning at PHPConf Taiwan 2012 in Taipei, Taiwan.

I was a great pleasure to talk about document generation in Zend Framework 2 using LiveDocx.

Today was the first time that I held a presentation in a language foreign to than that of the attendees. If you had any difficulties in understanding what I said, I apologize profusely.

Please download the slides (below) to review the content at your own pace. If you have any questions about the presentation or about LiveDocx, please do not hesitate to contact me. You may write in Chinese or English. We have members of staff who can translate any Chinese into English for me.

Again, it was a pleasure talking with you this morning. I am very much looking forward to demonstrating LiveDocx throughout the day and at the social event.

Download the slides.

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  1. phpconf 2012 | 阿喵就像家 Says:

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  2. Khayrattee Wasseem Says:

    Hi Jonathan,
    good slides with quality content + examples.

    I find the approach you use (predefined template) very interesting. Enjoyed it!


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